Steve Blake Traded For Bazemore and Brooks

steve blake

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Blake (right) dribbles the ball as Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Matthew Dellavedova defends. David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

XN Sports sees into the future. Though there was much fanfare over other NBA trade rumors, it’s usually the ones you don’t hear about that end up getting dealt. Just a day ago there was hardly a peep about Steve Blake getting moved to the Golden State Warriors for  Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks. But we saw it coming.

In a detailed exploration of what to expect in the days, weeks, and months ahead for the Lakers, we rightly predicted that Blake wasn’t the fantasy investment worth making in Lakerland as he would surely get traded. It’s not the rumors you should follow but the context.

In this situation the context was that the Lakers are looking to strip the car of any semi-working parts. Other than Kobe and Nash (who might be deciding his own fate very soon), L.A. management is eager to part ways with anyone that isn’t a cheap protege. There’s plenty of word that Jordan Hill is also a moving part.

In Blake, the Warriors receive a tested veteran who has handles, can pass, shoot, and pilfer the ball. He’ll help make up for Jarrett Jack‘s loss as the Dubs haven’t been the same without the crafty, jumpshooting backup point. With Blake, Golden State also are afforded the option of playing Stephen Curry off the ball which can become a deadly situation if him and Blake mesh well together. Curry already is a historic shooter. With Blake at his side, he can be a notch or two better than he already has been. Scary thought.

Bazemore and Brooks shouldn’t help the Lakers improve in the short-term but are athletic wing players who can pour the points in and fit nicely into a D’Antoni system. They’re also both under the age of 25.

L.A. got a little younger and Golden State got a little more menacing.


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