MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees Dangling Ichiro, Willing To Pay Part of Salary


Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees made a big splash in free agency this offseason, but apparently are not done making moves.

According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the Yankees are seeking to deal Ichiro Suzuki. If and when the team finds a trade partner, New York would be willing to eat up a part of Ichiro’s salary, too. He is set to make $6.5 million.

The Yankees are looking to receive a good prospect in exchange for the veteran outfielder, per the report, and would only be willing to pay part of Ichiro’s salary if that condition is met. If not, the team is believed to be comfortable with the 40-year-old serving as a fourth or fifth outfielder behind the newly acquired Jacoby Ellsbury of the rival Boston Red Sox and Carlos Beltran of the St. Louis Cardinals, as well as Alfonso Soriano and Brett Gardner.

Soriano has received high praise during spring training, according to the report, perhaps increasing his potential trade value or putting Ichico further down on the depth chart.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman declined comment on the possible dealing of Ichiro, as well as any other trade rumors. CBS Sports mentions the Detroit Tigers as one potential landing spot, as the team lost left-handed outfielder Andy Dirks, who recently underwent back surgery.

Previously, Cashman said he had “no concern” about Ichico as a reserve outfielder and believes he will do well in that role. “He’s a great defender and he can steal a base. He provides us with options,’ ” he told CBS Sports.

Ichiro batted .262 with seven home runs and a .639 OPS last season, and is hitting a modest .225 this spring. He received a two-year deal two years ago and is set to be a free agent after the season. Earlier this month, he told ESPN New York he is not considering retirement and believes he is capable of playing “many” more seasons.

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It is too late.  The Tigers must go on without him.  We already have enough trouble with a bunch of new guys trying to get familiar with their ballpark.   We have been here all winter long and they are going to show up in a week with little knowledge of the arctic tendencies of this town.  We could probably use a break from acquiring new personnel  for a couple months.   


1. He will not be coming to Detroit.   2.  It would be a mistake to send him anywhere.  3.   He should stay in New York.             The Tigers cannot afford the risk.  


He's just the guy you're looking for, if you are looking for a corner outfielder who hits .260 with no power and is well below average in getting on base.

tlaverty moderator

@RobKnevels  If the Tigers hadn't just signed JD Martinez, I'd say bring him in, if the Yanks are willing to pick up part of the cost. But that's all Captain Hindsight information.