5 NFL Teams Poised To Improve In 2014

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Robert Griffin

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Every NFL season contains its share of surprising teams and disappointing teams. Who will fall into those categories in 2014?

Aside from the Denver Broncos, which team in the AFC is truly a lock to win its division or lock up a playoff spot? Conversely, the NFC is chock-full of contenders, and with so much talent throughout the conference some teams are primed to be left on the outside looking in come January.

Here’s a look at five teams that are poised to take a step forward this season, whether it’s a stronger record or reaching the playoffs:

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Sam you left out Browns who added to their top 10 defense and will win with Hoyer at QB. They won three in a row with Hoyer in last year. When he went down, Weeden went in and Weeden is horrble, thus they lost. NO MORE, CLE = 9 & 7 at least.

SoCal Chief
SoCal Chief

 Outside of poor last minute officiating in week 17, the Chiefs second stringers beat the Chargers to close out last season.  During their first meeting in Arrowhead, the Chiefs pass rush was injured-- something their press-man defense is entirely predicated on.  Not sure these two facts should give San Diego fans much comfort or over confidence facing KC twice this season.

It's also important to consider the further development expected when entering the 2nd year of a notoriously complex, Andy Reid coached offense.  Reports coming out of training camp are that KC's offense is night & day from last year; including the return of all their pass catching TE's who were also injured most of last year. 

I think people are sleeping a bit on the Chiefs and overvaluing their FA departures.   They sport one of the league's premier coaching staffs, top to bottom, and a Pro Bowl riddled roster of talent.

It's become trendy to carry low expectations for KC, but the opposite is true of the media who've been closely covering their OTA's and Minicamps.  The team is looking exponentially more polished and scheme comfortable than last year.