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XN Sports Top 25 College Football Rankings

After upset Saturday there are changes aplenty in the XN Sports top 25.

Dak Prescott

Some major reshuffling took place in the XN Sports Top 25 College football rankings after Super Saturday became upset Saturday.

A total of 11 teams ranked in last weeks poll lost, including No. 2 Oregon, No. 4 Oklahoma, No. 5 Alabama, and sixth-ranked Texas A&M.

The biggest beneficiary of all the upsets and upheaval was the state of Mississippi as both Mississippi State and Ole Miss are in the top four after upsetting Texas A&M and Alabama respectively.

Florida State is still No. 1 and Auburn is the new No. 2 after the most impressive performance of the weekend. Auburn crushed LSU in the SEC battle against the Tigers, 41-7, and is another step closer to another shot at a national title.

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