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Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

With strong wins over division-leading Colts and Lions, the Pats and Cards prove best once again in the latest NFL power rankings.

Tom Brady

It was unavoidable. Someone was going to take a hit.

With eight of the previously top-ten teams facing each other, we would finally get some much needed clarity when trying to assess which teams have the edge in the thickening playoff hunt. Teams like the Chiefs and Bengals saw large leaps after big wins, while the Patriots and Cardinals held serve atop their respective conferences. It is worth noting that the Patriots and Cardinals were the only two division leaders entering Week 11 who won their respective games.

What we now have is a crowded mess behind the league’s top-two teams. Streaking clubs from Kansas City and Green Bay are now in the same class as those from Denver and Detroit who dropped their games but remain ahead of the curve. Of course, there were also some rearrangements to be made at the bottom of the Power Rankings, but Week 11, if nothing else, was a showcase for potential playoff matchups.

Now, as we head into a heavy week with 30 teams at play, the focus for Week 12 will be placed largely on teams formerly running away with a playoff berth only to suffer a setback loss. Namely, how will the Broncos, Colts, and Lions respond?

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